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Wir machen mit beim Tag des Schulgartens 2021

65189 Wiesbaden, Obermayr Europa-Schule Bierstadter Straße

|   Hessen

Endure Garden Project

The German-English bilingual classes of 3a and 3b will use project week to complete a multi-tiered learning project with the school garden as its central focus. The garden project will have five learning targets outlined below. The learning targets will spell out E-N-D-U-R-E and the meaning of this word will be present each day to create a mindset surrounded around the meaning of the word. 

Using the central theme of Endure, children can visualize how they have endured through the Covid-19 pandemic and have grown stronger because of it. Children will discuss obstacles they have went through in the classroom and at home in the past two years. We will then discuss how they have overcome these obstacles. We will then transition the discussion into the environment and how many obstacles the environment faces on a daily basis to survive. This will transition the students’ minds to reflect upon nature in a similar way in which they reflect on themselves. Allowing students to develop empathy for nature and see how each child’s individual health and the health of nature are intertwined.  
endure - remain in existence; last.

ENDURE Learning Targets
1. Engage more fully in academics through hands-on experiences.
2. Normalize interaction between self and nature.
3. Develop a sense of place and a curiosity about nature.
4. Understand where food comes from.
5. Responsibility: do real, hands-on work and see the outcome.
6. Enrich reading with practical real-world transference.

Monday - Introduction to Decomposition 
Using clear bags, plant debris, and pieces of old food, students will create decomposition bags. The purpose is to show how food can decompose and later be used as compost for gardens. This will illustrate old food considered to be trash can endure death to help grow new organisms such as plants and vegetables. Students will observe their bag each day and make notes in their science folder of what changes he or she sees. In two or more weeks, students will combine their bags into one compost container stored in the garden.  

Tuesday - Working in the Garden
The school garden is an ongoing project all year. In small groups throughout the year students will water and plant items in the garden. This project week will allow a day for students to spend an entire school day in the school garden with all of their classmates. This day will begin with a brief lesson about what a garden needs to grow and stay healthy. Afterwards, students will transition to the garden and plant new seeds and plants. We will then water the garden and clean up old debris and discuss where and how compost is planted once it is ready in several weeks. We will take old debris and make another decomposition bag to use later. 

Wednesday - Farm Class Trip
The students completed an English novel by the name of Charlotte’s Web. This book takes place on a farm and gives the children a base of knowledge for how a farm looks like, how it functions, and which animals are present on a typical farm. Students have an interest in farming and will be eager to visit a local farm in Hessen. 
After the farm trip, students will compare and contrast the German farm we saw in 2021 to the 1940s American farm portrayed in Charlotte’s Web. This comparison will allow children to re-enforce what they read and deepen their connection to the text. This discussion will also allow for children to think about what people in the 1940s had to endure versus what we must endure in 2021. 

Thursday - Rock Art and Garden Decorations
Students will walk to the local park to find rocks and other items from nature (that are permitted to be taken) to bring back to decorate the garden. Students will also hunt for debris to clean up and add to our compost pile. After returning, students will clean the items and begin to add paint and decorations to the objects. The class will then travel to the school garden and decide where their artwork can be placed to beautify the garden and give the children a sense of ownership and pride in the school garden. 

Friday - Bread Making & Garden Fest
Students completed a bilingual Science lesson that details how bread is mead. They studied how bread is made from seed planting to bread baking. The students have watched videos, read texts, and listened to lecture on how bread is made. We use this day to recall this information to re-enforce previous learning. Students will make bread using a recipe and bake the bread in the morning. In the afternoon, our project week will culminate with a garden fest where the baked bread is eaten along with vegetables from the garden and any food items brought back from the class trip to the farm. 
To finalize the week, each student will identify one thing they have endured in the past along with one thing nature must endure in the future. This will close out the project and come full circle for the theme of the week.

Tag des Schulgartens 2021, Klasse 3a/3b, Fr. Baumann / Mr. McDonald